Weekly Prayer & Praise #39
January 31, 2007.


1. The testimony of Costas Macris; he has impacted so many lives. I don’t know if you all were aware, but our dear brother, ‘father’ to many, founder of Hellenic Ministries and pioneer missionary to Irian Jaya, passed away on October 18, 2006.  Operation Gideon II was in many ways a tribute of honor and blessing for him as he saw many of you give of your lives in an effort to further impact his homeland. The time together worshiping the Lord under the tent and at the edge of the beautiful bay at Porto Astro served as the gateway passing from one glory to another. Thank you for being part of the tribute.
   The funeral of Costas Macris was one we will never forget! Approximately 1000 people came to the 1st Evangelical Church, situated in the center of Athens. Many people who were walking by the church popped in to see what was happening! It was a celebration of his life, and his obedience and sacrifice to God. The service lasted for 3 ½ hours with many church leaders, friends, and family members sharing what they had witnessed from his life. Many came to know the Lord through Costas; he was a role model. Open the HM Website ( <> ) and leave your comments if Costas impacted your life for the glory of the Lord.
2. The 2 Christmas Love meals that took place on December 13th. We served nearly 300 people a hot chicken meal. There were Greeks and refugees from many different countries. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and celebration of Christ’s birthday! The gospel was shared during the presentation and many team members had conversations on a deeper level with the refugees. We distributed blankets and bags of food and gifts. The video shown of Costas’ life spoke to many of these folk who knew him over the years.
3. Since Christmas we have had 2 wonderful Worship Events! Pray for us as we meet again for our next Worship Event on the 4th February. The Lord is stirring our hearts!

4. Safe return to Greece of HM’s staff members: Karin from a youth missions conference in South America to encourage the vision for prayer and service for Greece among the youth there. We look forward to what the Lord has in store for a potential partnership with South America. Also Bruce, Irene & family arrived safely home from their 3 months in the USA.
5. OG3 ~ China Challenge! Pray for the continued stirring in the hearts of the young Christians in Greece to take the gospel to other parts of the world. It was wonderful to hear a young women share about her vision for China in the last Worship Event meeting. She desires to go to China with a Greek team this year and again in 2008.

1. The up-coming HM’s North American committee (NACOM) meeting in New Jersey. Pray for the committee members of Hellenic Ministries, for God’s wisdom to guide them in all their decisions for the work in Greece.
2. Our dear friend John currently serving the Lord in North Africa, and is suffering much persecution. He is need of your prayers for the Lord to continue to strengthen him. He is in a very difficult situation with constant threats and harassments, and sometimes beatings and detainments.
3.  The Island follow-up after OG2. Continue to pray for each person who heard the gospel and received a New Testament. Pray for those involved in visiting people on the islands, and those still distributing Scriptures on the islands of Rhodes & Karpathos.

God Bless you all,
Sarah for the Greek prayer team.
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